Urban Design: Place-Making

The module provides students with an introductory yet comprehensive overview of urban design theory and provides an opportunity to turn urban design theory into practice through the completion of an urban design project The course illustrates the potential of design as a creative problem solving process, a process necessary to deliver the types of public and private investments in the built environment that will continue to return value to their users and investors over the long-term. In achieving this, the course provides a basic grounding for the exploration of urban design issues in greater depth through the Urban Design Specialism (composed by Urban Design: Product, Process and Critique and Urban Design Guidance, Incentive and Control modules below). It also provides a stepping off point for thinking creatively about planning at a larger spatial scale, for more detailed discussions about sustainable urban design and for preparing and implementing regeneration projects.

Indicative Reading

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  • Carmona M & Tiesdell S [Eds] (2007) Urban Design Reader, Oxford, Architectural Press