The MSc programme gives students the skill-set and knowledge base to embark on a professional or academic path through the highly interdisciplinary field of spatial science.


The MSc will quip graduates with a range of skills which will help them progress in their careers whether they choose to embark on a professional career or continue down the academic path.

The range of professional opportunities is vast, but graduates with key skills in quantitative analysis, GIS, spatial modelling, data handling and database administration, computer programming and visualisation and who are able to examine problems critically, synthesise diverse sets of data and sources of information, arrive at valid conclusions and present these ideas through verbal and written communication, are in high demand.

Graduates with these kinds of skills will find employment in fields which are often at the core of our ever growing and increasingly smart cities – these could be areas as diverse as retail and commercial planning; government; third sector, policy and think tanks; cartography and mapping; website design and management; transport management and planning or education.